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Company Profile

    Artificial intelligence and fish farming, two seemingly far-fetched technologies, are officially interconnected with the widespread application of IoT. Quadlink Technology Inc. is leading the way in smart aquaculture of Taiwan.

    Quadlink Technology Inc. is a company developing "Internet of Thing (IoT)" systems by using sensors, computer/smart phone, cloud and big data technologies to optimize aquaculture and agriculture production and distribution. This experienced team with members from wireless communication and cloud computing has been in business for 6 years. We combine talents and technologies from Taiwan, Europe and the USA, focusing on the IoT for precision farming. By adopting the IoT technology, the barrier for the young generation to get into aquaculture has been reduced. The aquaculture becomes more fun and less labor-intensive. By transforming the traditional fish farming industries as well as creating innovative business model with the application of IoT, Quadlink Technology is capable of maximizing the value derived from within.

    QAM300-DE, the Smart Water Quality Monitoring System of Quadlink. We are proud to announces that it bears distinct features from the traditional experience-based measures in fish farming, which often results in overdosing and overfeeding. Instead, this floating device takes real-time water temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), PH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and salinity, and then transmit the data in any handheld device at hand. Furthermore, when combined with QAM300-OC, the Smart Equipment Monitor & Control system, fish farmers can easily turn on the auto feeding mode and waterwheel pumping by setting thresholds of DO and other parameters. To complete the task, it is only a mobile phone installed with our App that is needed - real-time status monitoring, risks prevention and loss minimization. The environment of farms and the growing process are precisely monitored and controlled by our system. Eventually the quality of food is better ensured. This is what we claim "For better food and environment".

    Quadlink has implemented more than 400 sets of smart aquaculture system so far. In terms of geographical coverage, in Taiwan, we have covered from Hsinchu to Pingtung, Hualian to Taitung, overseas we have from China to Southeast Asia (including Indonesia and Philippines). In terms of cultivation breeds, there are various kinds including: Grouper, Queensland Grouper, Milk Fish, Japanese Seaperch, Mullet, Common Tilapia, Sixfinger Threadfin, Ayu, Eel, White Shrimp, Tiger Prawn, Redclaw Crayfish and Hard Clam. Quadlink assists fish farmers in monitoring risks, controlling parameters and establishing standard cultivation model—the result is self-evident: yields increased by 30%, energy saving by 50% and feeds saving by 30%.

    Quadlink Technology devotes itself not only to efficient cultivation, but also to effective selling. Aside from water monitoring system, Quadlink also offers food storage & logistics monitoring systems for processed fishery products. With the transparent data open to the end-customers, trust and reliability is thus established between the two sides. Beside agriculture and aquaculture, Quadlink also sets foot in industry 4.0. With customized smart factory monitoring solution, the tradition manufacturing companies can easily transform in no time. So Quadlink is your reliable partner for smart aquaculture and smart business.

Company Philosophy


Relieved:Willing to establish communication environment, people-oriented, and create a challenging, can continue to learn and have fun work environment that enables them to play a potential to provide the most competitive products and services to customers.

Pragmatic: We focus on IoT smart farming in this area has developed rapidly, as long as we can concentrate our efforts on actively engaged in this industry, technology and services will take root and establish a stable and excellent quality, won the trust of customers.

Growth:Customers are our partners, innovation is our lifeblood. We want to continue to innovate, the company actively accumulated intellectual property, build competitiveness in the market to meet customer demand, the company's overall operations continue to grow and become a leader in the field of smart farming IoT.

    Quality policy all employees in the most professional attitude and skills to make every effort to provide customers stable and excellent product and service quality, establish long-term partnership of mutual benefit and win the trust of customers. To achieve this goal, the company asked all employees wholeheartedly and seek to improve mutual cooperation in order to improve quality.

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