Use Case & News

Use Case

Hsinchu Fish Farms

QAM300-DE have been installed more than 10 sets in Hsinchu , these fish farms are not far from Quadlink headquarters. There are a few fish farms in Hsinchu, but mullet roe they produced are very famous in Taiwan. The beautiful smart fish farms are good place to chill out in evening.

Lukang Fish Farms

A fish food vendor had installed our QAM300-DE & QAM300-OC in their fish farms which are located in Changhua and Tainan. We are happy to get approved by a big company.

GreenFeel Biotechnology

GreenFeel Biotechnology doesn’t only develop Algae and Probiotics for aquaculture but also have their own shrimp farm. They feed innocuous shrimp by using their own biotech product, with QAM300-DE & QAM300-OC, also a QAM300-DE(AC power) has been used for indoor tank this year. Many thanks them always give us a thumbs up to our product and service.

Taitung Fish Farms

Near the beautiful seaside in Taitung, some young men devote themselves to aquaculture, they feed innocuous white shrimp in order to provide healthy food to consumer, we can get their sincerity by our QAM300-DE.