Wisdom Management & Aquaculture Technology Energy saving & risk reduction Internet of Things & big data cloud Complete production history & a large cloud database

Wisdom Management & Aquaculture Technology

Master big data, remote management is very simple

Energy saving & risk reduction

Farming profitable growth, manpower is no longer a problem

Internet of Things & big data cloud

Hand control, global at your fingertips

Complete production history & a large cloud database

Let the fish on the table to eat healthy at ease

About Quadlink

Quadlink Technology Inc focuses on the field of IOT industry applications and systems design services, emphasizing the "stringent quality requirements and continuous innovation and progress", and actively towards the development of Asia's premier science and technology team.

We combine talent, technology and industry experience in Taiwan, Europe and the United States, focusing on the "Internet of Things" and related smart farming applications market. Think Globally, act Locally !

The company has a number of wireless transmission and AI design experience, application hardware development platform technology and software protocol development capabilities so that our research and development of products for customers to provide the best cost and effectiveness of services.

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